We host monthly hour-long workshops to introduce the Sharing Jesus resource, and to answer questions about how to use it. The dates for future workshops are listed below, and it is free to attend. Please click on the link to register for the event. You can watch recordings of previous workshops here.

Lunchtime Workshop: 1.00pm, Wednesday 15th June 2022 – watch the recording here.

Evening Workshop: 7.30pm, Monday 11th July 2022 – watch the recording here

Lunchtime Workshop: 1.00pm, Wednesday 21st September 2022 – watch the recording here

Evening Workshop: 7.30pm, Thursday 27th October 2022 – Register here

Lunchtime Workshop: 1.00pm, Tuesday 8th November 2022 – Register here

Evening Workshop: 7.30pm, Monday 5th December 2022 – Register here